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Black Loose Leaf Tea From Kandy

We are constantly trying new Teas from Sri Lanka in search of fantastic flavours that we can share with you guys.  Our February box featured a lovely black loose leaf tea from the Kandy district.

We are happy to announce that this Tea is now available in our store!  You can get a lovely black loose leaf tea of grade OP1 direct to your door.  Check it out in the shop.

You might be wondering what OP1 means.  Well, there are so very many grades of Tea but Orange Pekoe dominates the Sri Lankan tea fields.  So to make it simple, OP stands for orange pekoe and the 1 is simply a marker to let you know that is more delicate than the standard OP.

These bigger leaves give a stronger taste so less is required to make a nice cup of tea.  

Feel free to send any questions you may have our way as we always love to talk tea.  You can find us on here or on



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