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Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Tea

We recently added some new items to the store to give you more options to taste Alakaban Tea.  You can check out a sample pack or even some pre-blended packs to taste true Ceylon Tea with all natural hand selected spices.

New Store Items

20 blended tea bag kit plus handmade palmyra basket

20 Blended Tea Bag + Palmyra case Kit

9 blended tea bag kit, ginger tea and cardamom
9 Blended Tea Bag Kit

3 tea sample kit tea tasting pack
3 Tea Sample Kit


9 & 20 Blended Tea Bag Kits

We've decided to release these blended tea bag kits for a short time.  Both of the blended tea bag kits contain ultra high quality Ceylon Tea combined with one spice, so for example in the 20 pack there will be 10 tea bags with the ginger blend and 10 tea bags with the cardamom blend.

3 Tea Sample Kit

The 3 Tea sample kit contains 3 different types of top quality Ceyon Tea that we import directly from Sri Lanka.  We went on a few tea farm and factory tours last year which helped us nail down the best possible flavors.

Changing It Up

We have plans to change these up in the new year but this is our first blend released!  We use only fresh, hand selected ingredients that we import from Sri Lanka.  We have Alakaban team members in Sri Lanka who are always out at the local markets finding only the freshest ingredients.  We hope you're excited about the upcoming changes as we can't wait to share many cups of tea.


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