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How To Use Your Alakaban Tea Strainer

You may have noticed that in January's box of Alakaban tea there was a handmade wooden strainer.  Every strainer is made using Palmyra wood and natural fabric that is made in Sri Lanka.  The strainer handles and nets are handcrafted crafted by a family in northern Sri Lanka who has been handcrafting items for generations.  To continually support small businesses in Sri Lanka and featuring natural wholesome products we felt this was a great addition to the Alakaban Tea monthly boxes.

Lets step you through how to put your strainer together.

Step 1 : Remove Strainer & Holder From Pouch

 Tea Strainer In January's Alakaban Tea Box

Every strainer is made up simply of a holder and a pouch.  This is contained inside the light brown bag in your Alakaban Tea box.

Step 2 : Put The Pouch Through The Holder Loop

Tea Strainer Inside The Holder

The strainer can be put through the holder loop so the stitching is on the inside or outside.  This is really a personal choice, we have chosen to put the stitching on the inside for this guide.

Step 3 : Fold The Strainer String Flap Over The Top Of The Holder

Alakaban Tea Strainer Folded and Almost Ready To Use

Folding the flaps over the top of the wood allows for a better seal around the hoop.  This keeps the strainer more secure when you're pouring the Tea through it.

Stage 4 : Tie The Strainer Strings On The Bottom, Then Again On The Top Of The Handle

Alakaban Tea Strainer Ready To Use for Pouring Tea

As show in the picture above, the string is tied on the top and bottom of the handle to secure the strainer in the loop.

By including the strainer we are not saying that this is the only way way to make Tea.  We know there are plenty of ways to make Tea, we just included one complete method for making it using the Alakaban Tea Box.  If you have an alternative method that you prefer that does not use the strainer we won't be offended!  Hopefully you can get some other use out of the strainer if that's the case.

We also created a Video guide on how to put together and use your Alakaban Tea Strainer.


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Hopefully this short guide helps clarify on how to use your Alakaban Tea strainer.  If you're curious about what else is inside an Alakaban Tea box, check out our blog post Box Of Surprises which goes into more details!

If you have any questions, suggestions or alternative methods we'd love to hear about them in the comments below!



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