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How To Make Sri Lankan Tea Using Your Alakaban Tea Box

There are many different ways to make Tea and everyone has their favorite method.  Alakaban Tea is bringing a taste of Sri Lanka to your doorstep every month so we thought it would only make sense to let you know how Tea is traditionally made in Sri Lanka.  

We incorporate this process into our guide on how to make Tea because it has strong roots in Sri Lankan tradition.  Did you receive your Alakaban Tea box this month and just wonder where to start?  Maybe you are curious what is inside a box of Alakaban Tea, well here's an inside look!

Making Tea, The Traditional Way.

This is a traditional way using common items you'd have around your house if you don't have the fancier tea related tools.

Lets Get Started!

Step 1 : Determine The Amount Of Tea You Want To Make

The process here is pretty simple but we're going to break it all down so bear with us if this is a little nail on the head.  If you're going to be making 2 cups of tea, you're going to need 2 cups of water and then 2 teaspoons of tea.  So, make sure you've got the correct amount of Tea and water and onto step 2!

Pour Water Into A Saucepan

Step 2 : Pour Water Into Saucepan Then Heat To A Boil

We need this water to be boiling, that's what really brings out the flavor in the Tea & Spices we will be adding.

One Teaspoon Of Tea Per One Cup Of Water

Step 3 : When The Water Is Boiling, Grab Your Favorite Tea

Add 1 Teaspoon of Tea per 1 Cup of Water.  The 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of tea rule is a basic format, you can add more or less depending on how strong you like your Tea.

Add Tea Spices

Step 4 : Add In Your Spices.  This Is Where You Can Experiment

Everyone has different tastes and this is where we want your Tea to shine.  It's not exciting when you get a bag of Tea that you don't like.  This is why we've focused on delivering you pure plain Tea where you can add the spices yourself!  We have included flavor pouches that can help showcase what kind of Tea you could make for the month, but this is where it all comes down to personal preference.  Test, try, and have fun here.

Step 5 : Mix The Tea and Spices

Make sure you give everything a good mix in the saucepan so its dispersed around the pan.  This allows the flavor to truly absorb at an optimal level.

Step 6 : Wait One Minute For Flavors To Mix

While the water is still boiling, wait one minute for everything to really combine and bring out the fantastic flavors you just added.

At this point, to make it truly Sri Lankan, you can add Milk and Sugar.

Pouring Tea Through Strainer

Step 7 : Pour The Tea Through The Strainer Into Your Tea Cup

In every box of Alakaban Tea is a handmade strainer.  This is where you can use it!  We have a blog post describing how to put your strainer together and use it in case it was a bit confusing.

Step 8 : Your Tea Is Ready!

Enjoy your traditionally Sri Lankan cup of Tea.

The entire process takes about 3 to 5 minutes but is not overly complex.  We hope that you have fun experimenting with the different ingredients and we'd love to hear about your Tea creations.  The tea flavor pouches we create are tested among us here at Alakaban but are by no means the "ultimate" mixture.  Personal tastes vary and we really do want to emphasize that with every box of Alakaban Tea.  Personalizing your tea, made easy.  That's really the goal here, your Tea is about you.

If you thought "Whoa that's a lot of reading, not sure I'm okay with that" then here you go.  We've put together this nifty Infographic for you on the whole process.

Alakaban Tea Sri Lankan Tea Process


Any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you in the comment section below!  Any special creations you made? Quantities you preferred?  Spices that you just couldn't make work?  We want to know!


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