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Supporting Small Businesses In Sri Lanka

In order for us to deliver high quality Ceylon Tea to you every month, we've had to develop our already strong connections in Sri Lanka.  We have extended our roots not only to tea plantations, but to other businesses that are closely related to our process as well.  

Locally Sourced

With our products being almost entirely produced in Sri Lanka from the tea to the box, we not only can reduce costs for our customers but we also help several small businesses grow.  Over the next little while, we plan to highlight these businesses in our blog and social media to let you better understand where it all comes from.

We have a strong insight into the poverty that exists in Sri Lanka by having founders who had been living there almost their entire lives.  This has helped develop our business approach by knowing exactly where our products are coming from and seeing first-hand benefits of these partnerships.

Some of the local businesses that are benefited along the way are traditional palm-weaving, wood carving and you will even witness the handicrafts of Sri Lanka families. 

We have all put in our best efforts to use as natural a touch as possible in all of our products. 

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